Ramadan Mubarak

I hope this Holy Month of Ramadan brings Peace to all communities around the world and an end to injustice and suffering of millions of women, men and children who seek safety from war and oppression and irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, and religious and philosophical beliefs.

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BREAKING NEWS: Journal of Data Protection & Privacy is ranked #1 academic journal by the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills for 3rd year running

I’m delighted to report that the Journal of Data Protection & Privacy has been ranked the #1 academic journal by the Norwegian Directorate for higher education and skills for the third year running (2021, 2022, and 2023).

Many congratulations to all of our excellent contributors for sharing their research and insights with our readership and a very big thanks to our excellent Editorial Board https://lnkd.in/e2XYTuy7 and our publishers Henry Stewart Publications for their continued encouragement and support in helping to achieve this remarkable academic achievement and recognition for the JDPP as a leader in its field.

The JDPP is also indexed by SCOPUS, the world’s...

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World Holocaust Day 2023

The world must never forget the ultimate sacrifice of our brave Jewish community in the face of tyranny and it must never be allowed to happen again 


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The world is a darker place without the beacon of hope that was Queen Elizabeth II

The world has lost one of the most inspirational figures of the 20th century who was a symbol of reconciliation and peace at a time of conflict and turmoil.

This is a very, very sad day for the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and for every country in the world that stands for humanity, dignity and peace.

The world is a darker place without HM Queen Elizabeth II who has been very much part of all of our lives for as long as we can remember.

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Second year Level 1 ranking for Journal of Data Protection & Privacy

The Journal of Data Protection & Privacy is again ranked Level 1 (the highest ranking for an academic journal) by the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills (2021 and 2022). #data#highereducation#privacy

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Happy New Year!

Wishing all our family and friends a very happy Parsee New Year with Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds on this auspicious day

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An inspiration to the world

I’m incredibly proud to have been born a British Asian and a Zoroastrian. HM The Queen epitomizes the values that every decent human being carries in their heart and the genuine belief that the world can be a better place for all humankind and that we can always resolve our differences.

Looking at what HM The Queen has achieved over her lifetime is simply an inspiration for all of us in the way we should live our lives in the service of our community and others. HM The Queen is uniquely a symbol of unity in a divided world.

May Ahura Mazda bless her on this incredibly auspicious day in the life of our country.

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Wishing all our Muslim family & friends a very Happy Ramadan

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Happy Parsi New Year!

Happy Parsi New Year – Navroze Mubarak!

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We shall always remember those who died in the worst terrorist atrocity against the USA in the 21st century

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