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White Paper on Trade and Cooperation Agreement between UK and EU

White Paper – How the concept of ‘sovereignty’ influenced the outcome of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the UK and EU

I’m absolutely delighted to share this with the global community and it’s available as a download from UK in a Changing Europe website

As the dust begins to settle on the ruptured relationship between the UK and the EU, both sides are continuing to struggle to forge a new and different kind of relationship to the one that existed in the previous 47 years.

A case in point is the way in which the UK had been on a diplomatic collision course with the EU over the Covid-19 pandemic.

The recent success of the vaccine roll-out in ...

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‘It’s Sin’ – one of the best dramas produced by Channel 4

Now streaming on Channel 4’s website

‘It’s a Sin’ by Russell T Davies is one of the best dramas to have been made by Channel 4

Yesterday, Fenella and I watched the entire series starting at 9pm Friday night and finishing at 2am this morning.

It’s one of the best dramas to have been made by Channel 4 and is particularly poignant for those who grew up with 80s music as the soundtrack to their 20s and watched the horrors of the AIDS epidemic destroy young lives and families struggling to cope with the loss it created – a parallel in some ways (not every way) to the current Covid pandemic.

But more importantly, ‘It’s a Sin’ makes an important point of how humanity ...

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Kolah the Koala

It certainly beats being related to Ardipithecus ramidus, aka “Ardi”, the closest thing yet found to the common ancestor of both chimps and humans dating back 4.4m years ago!

The jacket to the book ‘Kolah the Koala’ says:

Meet Kolah. She’s a koala. Meet her family too. Find out where they live and how they spend their day. Learn what they eat and how long they live. Then discover what you can do to help protect the threatened koala population. Kolah is your guide and companion on this exciting true-to-life adventure. Take her home and introduce her to your kids. You’ll be glad they got to know one another.

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