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Top 10 legal pitfalls to avoid in social marketing!

sheepIn the past, marketing managers used social media as just another channel for publishing content and listening to their community. However, to maximize the success of social marketing, you need to become adept at integrating social media into your existing marketing programs and strategies. In fact, you have to do more than social media. You have to do social marketing!

Increasingly, marketing managers are exploring new ways to use a variety of channels in order to reach audiences with compelling content...

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Measure outcomes to determine whether your PR works!

Last week I was in the audience for a debate at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK.

The panel discussion turned to the value of public relations and getting more bang from your PR buck. The discussion moved onto the best practice of PR framed by the Barcelona Principles: to measure PR success in terms of inputs, outputs and outcomes as discussed in my latest book, High Impact Marketing That Gets Results.

Measure the Value of PR - Ardi Kolah

So let’s go through what this means in practice, and see how you can apply this if you are using an external agency for your PR and public affairs (PA) efforts.

Desired audience segments

This is an extremely important part of the PR process...

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Latest best practice on how to stay legal when using social marketing

Social marketing White PaperNo matter whether you work agency or client-side, each day or week brings new challenges in how you engage with customers, clients, supporters, members and volunteers.

In the past, social media was used as just another channel for publishing content that would engage with each of these audiences. But today, doing that alone just isn’t enough. To maximise the success of social marketing you need to become adept at integrating social media into your existing marketing programmes and strategies. In fact, you have to do more than social media. You have to do social marketing!

This FREE Vocus White Paper explores how to add social to every marketing activity in order to amplify ...

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Why the Grateful Dead are the best marketing savvy rock band in the world!


In the modern world of marketing, it’s less “what you say” and more “what you do” that counts, a theme that runs through my latest book, High Impact Marketing That Gets Results.

This mantra has led organisations and companies to actively use customer collaboration as a marketing strategy.

Think open-source software, smartphone apps and customer reviews on TripAdvisor and Amazon. Consumers today are active – not passive – participants in just about every link of the value chain.

Thinking of consumers not as units of economic value to be unlocked for profit but as ‘fans of brands’ has a lot of mileage.

One of the best examples started long before the age of ...

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The power of sport to heal a nation’s pain

japan-bid-wins-2020The International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision to award Tokyo, Japan the right to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games has benefits for Japan beyond economic and sporting opportunities.

Fuelled by the city’s dynamic atmosphere and youth-driven culture, the successful bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan will have an important role to play in the healing process of Japan following the national earthquake tragedy in 2011.

As I explained in my latest report, Global Opportunities for sports marketing, infrastructure and consultancy services 2022′, published by IMR, over the next few years, Japan will host the 2014 ISU World Figure Skating Championships, ...

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What rock ‘n’ roll can teach today’s marketers about audience engagement

bowieIt may not be obvious, but the world of rock ‘n’ roll knows a lot more about how to connect with consumers in a powerful way than many multi-national companies with multi-million budgets to match, a point I make in my latest book, The Art of Influencing and Selling.

And I don’t mean by connecting with consumers through iTunes and the mobile internet, although of course that’s a proven way of reaching music fans. What I want to talk about is about ‘rendering authenticity’ in order to connect with the next generation of consumers and fans.

The term was conceived by James H Gilmore and Joseph Pine, two US academics that at the turn of the 21st century wrote about ho...

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