High Impact Marketing That Gets Results

Great marketing isn’t just about marketing output. It’s about creating measurable business outcomes. High Impact Marketing That Gets Results is dedicated to helping marketing students and practitioners understand how to achieve an increase in profits through more cost-effective sales and marketing activities, where the return on investment is the measure of whether that goal has been achieved.

About the book

Widely acknowledged by professional bodies and marketing experts as a masterful digest of all the main marketing principles that need to be understood by sales and marketing professionals, it covers:

Market and customer segmentation; writing a marketing plan; understanding the marketing mix; brochures, press ads and print copy; signs, posters and ambient media; online marketing, mobile marketing; direct marketing; public relations; using promotions; top ten common marketing mistakes to avoid and top ten ways to save money in marketing.

Amazon purchasers:

Overall it’s a common sense approach, and the new marketer will go a long way by understanding these methods while the established marketer will be refreshed, reminded and triggered to think: that’s something I need to do more of! (5 stars)

Ardi has a gift for writing in simple terms and explaining exactly what you need to know. I found his book easy to read and well signposted to get to the information you need. I would recommend his book to anyone. (5 stars)

This is a great book. Easy to read, excellent content and genuinely valuable info for today’s marketer. The author gets across key points in an easy-to-read style and it is well worth the read. Beats most other Marketing texts hands-down. Strongly recommend it. (5 stars)

I love the way that Ardi Kolah writes: new content; interestingly written; and, best of all, easy to implement immediately. A great book that will change how you see marketing… and improve how you do it. (5 stars)

This is the kind of book that can stay with a marketer for life. It provides a wonderful overview for those new to the subject and yet has layers such that it can be put to very good use by even the most experienced of practitioners as a refresher and reference source throughout their careers. (5 stars)

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