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Parsees dying out in India – BBC Radio 4 Documentary

Parsee_Wedding_1905This is an interesting look at how Parsees are facing extinction before the end of the Century and what the Indian Government is trying to get the smallest community in the world to survive.

To listen:


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Guest blogger Hazel Grant explains what historic change in data protection means for business

The negotiators behind GDPRIt’s here: after years and years of debate, the negotiating parties to the trilogue are reported finally to have agreed the text of the European Union’s successor privacy legislation: the General Data Protection Regulation.

Jan Albrecht, the German MEP leading up the European Parliament’s negotiations on the GDPR, even tweeted this picture of the negotiators who struck today’s deal – somehow a fitting use of social media technology, given that the key driver behind this legislative change is to bring Europe’s aging data privacy rules up to date for the modern technological era.

This isn’t the formal end of the legislative process though – while the text of t...

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Agreement announced on long-awaited EU General Data Protection Regulation

Get Ready for GDPRReuters reports this evening (Tuesday 15 December 2015) that the long awaited EU General Data Protection Regulation has reached agreement among the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of Ministers.

A second reading will now follow in the European Parliament and the publication of the GDPR now seems highly likely mid-January 2016.

Thereafter, transition arrangements will need to be in place across the whole of the EU so that Member States can adopt the new EU Regulation.

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Companies face 150% hike in insurance premiums as a result of GDPR

screaming man

Research on the increase in secondary costs as a result of new regulatory burdens imposed on organisations as a result of the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has exposed a hidden danger.

The costs of insuring against a breach of contract, litigation costs incurred as a result of cyber-attacks and compensation claims made by millions of customers for breach of their personal data records is set to escalate insurance premiums by as much as 150%, warns Martin Hickley, Director of Data Protection at GO DPO® EU Compliance, a specialist executive training company.

Hickley says: “It’s well known that most organisations impacted by the GDPR are dangerousl...

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