The Art of Influencing and Selling

Whether you’re new to sales or have at least one year’s experience in selling, this book will leapfrog your selling skills and understanding of sales techniques to a more sophisticated, satisfying and more genuinely customer and client-oriented level. If you’re more experienced, then this book provides a comprehensive refresher which uses fresh insights, the latest ideas and practical useable tools like checklists to help you sell more and sell better.

About the book

Widely acknowledged by professional bodies and sales experts as a masterful digest of all the main sales principles that need to be understood by sales and marketing professionals, it covers:

The psychology of selling a product or service; the sales pipeline and how to ensure it’s realistic; making an effective sales presentation; up-selling, cross-selling, cold-calling and warm calling; effective approaches to prospective customers and clients; how to interrogate a database of contacts to get more sales; how to write effective sales materials; the power of business networking; how to get senior level appointments in your diary and closing a sale and follow up.

This book will help you improve your sales performance by learning how to listen to your customer and client and collaborate with them profitably.


The Art of Influencing and Selling was featured in The Sun (March 2013):

Sales skills are certainly useful in almost every walk of life. In the current economic climate, the people who are doing well are the ones who are at the top of their game on the sales front. The Guru range of books is all about going back to basics and perfecting the important basic skills as well as refining tried and tested techniques so that you can stay one step ahead of the crowd. There are lots of fresh insights and practical, usable tools which will help you to sell more and better. Some very useful advice here.

Amazon purchasers:

I’m a big fan of the Guru in a Bottle series as I find the books easy to read. Unlike some self-help books that are dry, dusty and filled with corny pretend situations, The Art of Influencing and Selling gives advice without making me feel stupid. The style works for me. The hints, the tips and even the humour get the message across. It explains in detail the ‘why’ as well as giving tips of ‘what to do’. (5 stars)

This is a great book. I have been selling in my retail business for more than 20 years and I know I can sell. But this book is a great refresher. It made me rethink and have a fresh look at the way I approach my work. Excellent help for new sales recruits and old hands alike.

(5 stars)

As well as taking you step by step through the essential processes, it works on a number of different levels. First, it contains very useful and comprehensive overviews of topics such as social networking sites. Second, it is invaluable as a `cheat sheet’ for certain subjects where you really should be up to speed, but may have fallen behind. Third, it directs you to the right sources for associated topics where you might need more detailed information. What the book achieves above all, however, is successfully intertwining core business skills with the softer, less tangible psychological techniques that are becoming increasingly important to business success. (5 stars)

In a world of lightweight or overly complex books about selling and the best routes to influence, this hits the spot sweetly by keeping it inherently simple yet managing to tackle many of the challenges that have daunted or challenged executives for years. It’s billed as a book about the art of selling and influence, although in places the advice borders on the simple scientific, which is what makes it a compelling read and a practical alternative to much of the chuff out there. (5 stars)

As someone always looking to learn and grow in the world of new business and sales I can say The Art of Influencing and Selling is a great resource in my day to day business. Having a number of hours to sit down and read during my daily commute it’s easy to fall into a chapter, gain a few very compelling insights and then put them into use that very day. A very well written book and a great aid to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of sales. (5 stars)

Much of the sales activities undertaken by companies and organisations are done in a disorganized, inefficient way. We often try to do too much at once. Emotions, information, logic, hope, risk and creativity are mixed together. This brilliantly written book provides a no-nonsense approach for the sales professional that shows how to effectively drive sales that will make a direct impact on the bottom line. An invaluable book for every budding entrepreneur. (5 stars)

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