‘It’s Sin’ – one of the best dramas produced by Channel 4

Now streaming on Channel 4’s website

‘It’s a Sin’ by Russell T Davies is one of the best dramas to have been made by Channel 4

Yesterday, Fenella and I watched the entire series starting at 9pm Friday night and finishing at 2am this morning.

It’s one of the best dramas to have been made by Channel 4 and is particularly poignant for those who grew up with 80s music as the soundtrack to their 20s and watched the horrors of the AIDS epidemic destroy young lives and families struggling to cope with the loss it created – a parallel in some ways (not every way) to the current Covid pandemic.

But more importantly, ‘It’s a Sin’ makes an important point of how humanity itself was a victim of a disease which thankfully was defeated by medical science in the end – but several decades later and too late to prevent the death of millions of people.

Watch ‘It’s a Sin’ – yes it’s challenging but it’s also life-affirming. ‘It’s a Sin’ is about HOPE and not bigotry and discrimination, which all of us can empathise with. It’s both incredibly funny, incredibly sad (it will bring tears to your eyes) and the acting by Olly Alexander and Lydia West is inspirational.

I recommend it unreservedly and you can watch the entire series by streaming it from the Channel 4 website.

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