Dr Edward de Bono (1933-2021)

At the House of Lords with Dr Edward de Bono for the launch of Think! Before It’s Too Late, that I helped to launch in July 2009

I’m saddened to report the passing of one of my heroes, Edward de Bono, who has died.

I was trained in Six Thinking Hats by the wonderful de Bono instructor Chuck Dymer who was inspirational. I was fortunate in being asked, some years later, to help Edward de Bono launch his book, ‘Think Before It’s Too Late’ published in 2009. I helped to organise the launch with a workshop with invited guests and a lunch at the House of Lords where this picture was taken.

The workshop was a high powered roundtable where some of the big issues like climate change was looked at through the lens of lateral thinking in order to come up with novel and creative ways of solving some of the biggest challenges in our society.

When I asked Edward de Bono what he thought his legacy would be, he said it was making children ‘think about thinking’ – something that we fail to do in the rush for acquiring GCSEs and A level qualifications.

Edward de Bono was a quiet and modest man and all of his books have pride of place on my bookcase – all personally signed by him (it took about half an hour!)

I’ll always cherish the opportunity of having worked with Edward de Bono – a true genius.

An obituary of Dr Edward de Bono can be read here:

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