Essential Law for Marketers

Completely updated, the UK’s number 1 best-selling law book for non-lawyers will help you get to grips with UK and EU laws and regulations that impact modern sales and marketing practice. An indispensable book that’s written in non-legal jargon and language that’s easy to understand and follow.

About the book

The second edition of the bestselling marketing law book helps to steer the reader through the legal minefield of EU and UK laws as well as providing unique strategies for using the law as a sales and marketing weapon in order to achieve competitive advantage.

Widely acknowledged by professional bodies and legal experts as a masterful digest of all the main legal principles that need to be understood by sales and marketing professionals working in Europe, it covers:

Making agreements; making statements in sales and marketing; legal barriers to market entry; legal requirement for sales and marketing activities; law as a weapon for competitive sales and marketing advantage; direct marketing and direct selling; EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations; sales and price promotions; prize promotions and incentives and sponsorship and hospitality.

All complex legal and regulatory principles have been made fully readable and comprehensible and the book doesn’t assume any previous legal knowledge, expertise or experience, making it an essential handbook for marketers at all levels.


Essential Law for Marketers was Book of the Month (February/March 2013) for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Amazon purchasers:

The law is a vital subject for marketers in many ways, including data protection, advertising standards, direct marketing (in its various forms) and social media and this excellent book gives the profession just what it needs – the key principles, examples of cases that illustrate legal judgement, action guidelines. (5 stars)

This book demystifies the law for marketers. Statutes, case law and legal concepts are presented in a straightforward way using a conversational style. Topics are ordered logically. It should be a “must have” reference source. (5 stars)

With the rapid changes in digital technologies, sales and marketing practitioners need to keep up to date with best practice that also stays within UK and European laws and regulations. The Guru in a Bottle series and this second edition has just made this task much easier and with the addition of putting fun back into sales and marketing. Essential reading for all businesses and organisations wanting to use emerging channels such as m-marketing. (5 stars)

As a relative newcomer to sales and marketing, I have found this beautifully written book extremely valuable and a must have for everyone new to the sector or wishing to improve. (5 stars)

The first edition of this book was essential reading for professional marketers who sought to understand legislation and how it affected them, while also discovering how the law might offer their organisations competitive advantage. This second issue has transformed that knowledge, through the restructuring of the content and the addition of guru icons, into a practical tool which is now an instant guide to the very latest key sales and marketing legal issues. I regard this as essential reading for all marketers no matter what aspect of the profession they address. (5 stars)

Leaving no legal loop-hole unexposed, this book is a must have for marketers. Authoritative, yet accessible; comprehensive, yet manageable and legally precise, yet marketing orientated, the guru in a bottle has designed the text well capable of tackling complex and changing legal mind field in a hugely interesting way which engages the reader. (5 stars)

Ardi Kolah is to be congratulated on this work, which brings to his subject a clear and coherent structure and some crisp and accurate explanations. Each of the different kinds of marketing activity its readers will be undertaking has its own chapter. At the same time, the book also manages to cover the use of design rights and other intellectual property to gain and preserve market share. The book’s account of the relevant legal rules is organised logically and simply, using language that is easy to understand. (4 stars)

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