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Companies need to pay the Gender Dividend or face the wrath of High Heeled Warriors!

Southasian-women-consumerIn the latest NBCUniversal study (July 2013) on the female pay-television audience, the global entertainment network shed light on what Southeast Asian women look for in a brand or a service.

The psychographic research dubbed as “High Heeled Warriors” discovered that Asian women aged 20 to 44 are complex, and that a careful segmentation of this market bracket is crucial for a marketing campaign to succeed.

“You need to really know who this woman is. If you want to send a message, you need to know what she wants,” says Christine Fellowes, Universal Networks International’s managing director for Asia Pacific.

The media company surveyed over 3,000 female subscribers...

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Global spending power has shifted. But have marketers woken up to these new realities?


To understand why it’s so critical that women play a key role in building—and rebuilding—economies around the world it’s important to consider the rise of talent as a dominant business issue.

In the digital economy, human capital replaces natural resources as the basis for growth. The businesses and countries that will lead in this century will be the ones that are best able to harness the innovation and creativity of their people. Countries like India, China and Brazil stand to potentially make some of the biggest advances here.

Women are undoubtedly a growing force in the global talent pool...

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