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Watch my lecture on sponsorship given at Sport England

Ardi at Sport EnglandI was asked to give this lecture by the European Sponsorship Association (ESA) at Sport England as part of the ESA Diploma in sponsorship.

Big thanks to ESA and Peter Raymond for inviting me to speak to the students.

Click here to watch the lecture (running time 58 mins)

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Ambush marketing threat to global sponsors!

Pepsi unofficialDuring major sports events, non-official sponsor brand owners will start to consider actively pursuing ‘guerrilla or ‘ambush marketing’ tactics as they seek a free ride on the back of major events such as the Commonwealth Games in GlasgowFIFA World Cup in Brazil, the Tour de France or the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

But like so much in marketing, they’re two schools of thought on the subject of ‘ambush marketing’.


Those who are in favour of ‘ambush marketing’ including the European Sponsorship Association (ESA) argue it’s a perfectly acceptable form of marketing activity for a non-sponsor to be engaged with provided it doesn’t brea...

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