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Unilever crowned top global advertiser and Coca-Cola top individual global brand in WARC League Table 2014


Unilever is the smartest advertiser on the planet according to research carried out by global marketing intelligence agency WARC.

The top five global advertisers on the WARC advertiser rankings:

Warc global brand rankingsThe advertiser scores are derived from the brand owners’ performance in effectiveness and strategy in the previous 12 months.

Coke campaign

However, the world’s leading individual brand is Coca-Cola, according to the rankings for individual brands:

Warc top global brandsIn compiling the individual brand league table, WARC tracked more than 1700 winners in 75 different competitions...

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Modi’s 10-point plan for getting India back on track

indiaTrain_1520295cThe new Indian PM Narendra Modi has outlined his 10-point vision for the Council of Ministers to follow and this offers a glimpse into his policy priorities that include energizing the economy, kick-starting infrastructure projects and reviving confidence in the creaking bureaucracy of Government.

Modi wants all Ministers to have their own time-table on the priorities in each ministry for the first 100 days.

His 10 priorities are:

  1. Focus on economy and infrastructure ministries
  2. Better inter-ministerial coordination
  3. Restore the confidence of bureaucrats that they won’t be hauled up later for taking crucial decisions.
  4. Use of technology and social media to maximize public inte...
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The Mod(i) Father

Narendra ModiIndian voters are pinning their hopes on their new Prime Minister Narendra Modi, leader of the Hindu nationalist BJP, to make good on his promises – a factor that eventually forced the Congress Party to lose its grip on power and suffer crushing defeat at the hands of its rival.

Former India PM Manmohan Singh claims that the legacy of his presidency is a far stronger Indian economy compared to that when he took office a decade earlier.

But the octogenarian became susceptible to a string of corruption scandals within his own party as well as political paralysis where he was seen as being too aloof to stop.

Modi will be sensitive and mindful of the short-comings of his predec...

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