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Do you have ‘Perfect Pitch’?

sales presThe primary difference between a poor and a great ‘pitch’ is in its delivery.

It’s not just what’s being said but how it’s said that can really make the difference. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to put on a gorilla suit to get noticed!

If you’ve ever been in a situation where there isn’t much time to deliver a ‘knock em dead’ sales and marketing pitch fear not!

By following these Top 10 Tips you’ll soon become an expert at delivering the perfect ‘pitch’.  And you can read more about how to make a great pitch in The Art of Influencing and Selling!

#1: Conquer your nerves

Most people get nervous when doing a sales and marketing pitch and that’...

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Are rumours of the death of print media wildly exaggerated?

headstone2As technology continues to evolve and re-shape sales and marketing practice you may be forgiven in thinking that traditional print media is a thing of the past.

In fact, the print industry is having a boom time on both sides of the Atlantic and flipping the perception on its head print sales and marketing looks likely to grow in 2014 thanks to technological advances that allow for more freedom in the way it’s deployed.

According to researchers in the US, direct mail (DM) continues to be used heavily with a 43% share of total local retail advertising and around 76% of small businesses reporting that their preferred sales and marketing strategy is a combination of both print ...

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Brands need to get a ‘personality transplant’ for online engagement

As more consumers are engaging with brands on social platforms, it’s essential that brands start to develop their own online personalities depending on the digital platform in order to help build lasting relationships with their desired customer, client and supporter segments.

Operating tableThis ‘personality transplant’ that brands undertake often involves using brief snippets of conversation and humor to engage with their desired audiences in much the same way as Guru in a Bottle does!

And this isn’t as silly as it sounds.

According to a report from strategy consultants Bain & Company, consumers who engage with businesses through social media channels are likely to spend 20-40% more mo...

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