Brands need to get a ‘personality transplant’ for online engagement

As more consumers are engaging with brands on social platforms, it’s essential that brands start to develop their own online personalities depending on the digital platform in order to help build lasting relationships with their desired customer, client and supporter segments.

Operating tableThis ‘personality transplant’ that brands undertake often involves using brief snippets of conversation and humor to engage with their desired audiences in much the same way as Guru in a Bottle does!

And this isn’t as silly as it sounds.

According to a report from strategy consultants Bain & Company, consumers who engage with businesses through social media channels are likely to spend 20-40% more money than other customers due to the loyalty that they have developed with those brands.

As already observed in a previous blog, consumers around the world are starting to prefer simple marketing messages instead of in-depth messages. As consumers are hit with a daily barrage of sales and marketing stuff, they are becoming experts in screening out messages.

In 2014, marketers need to change tactics and design campaigns that go in a different direction by allowing their personality – and humour – to come through.



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