My personal case study in world-class customer service delivered by local company Greenserve

As the author of a best-selling series of sales and marketing books published by Kogan Page in the UK, USA and India you’d expect me to have high expectations from those that I’m willing to employ to deliver products and services. And of course you’d be right!

Unfortunately the majority of tradespeople I come across don’t pay enough attention to the little things, for example, in how they do their business by answering messages when left and generally interacting with the customer.

A common mistake often made by small businesses is to overlook the customer experience which can be just as important as fixing a broken pipe or rewiring a broken fuse box.

GreenserveSo I’m absolutely delighted to share with you my experiences of dealing with a great small British company called Greenserve who could probably teach a great many multi-national companies how to deliver excellent customer service!

The first part of my customer journey was word-of-mouth about their excellent service.

When Andy Harris, the owner of Greenserve, came to our house to inspect the water damage caused by a 100-year old faulty lead pipe connected to water main from the street, I knew he was someone I could do business with.

He immediately put my mind at ease by accurately analysing the severity of the leak issue as well as exploring a number of options that would cost effectively remedy the problem without breaking the bank.

And above all else he listened, he answered all of my questions patiently, he promised to provide an accurate estimate for the works to be carried out as well as how long such works would take and undertook to do this within 48 hours.

And he did.

I had a few questions about the invoice as part of the proposed works to be carried out would be covered under the buildings insurance and the replacement of the 100-year old water pipe was to be covered by me personally.

His team that answered the phone couldn’t have been more helpful and guaranteed to get a decision on the quotation within 24 hours.

They did.

van-3And I was very satisfied with the price that Greenserve now proposed. This was followed up with a detailed inspection and discussion with Kerian who had been tasked with carrying out the works. Like Andy, Kerian was polite, listened extremely well, answered more questions I threw at him and left me feeling extremely confident that the job would be done to a high standard and would actually make a difference to the pressure and water flow through the whole property.

The office team emailed a very detailed breakdown of what was going to happen and there was a really simple a simple payment link and digital terms and conditions I could sign using my computer.

They had made doing business with them not just easy but also a pleasure.

Kerian attended to carry out the work, arriving everyday on time and was sometimes accompanies by another tradesman.

What struck me was their attitude. The fact that they respected this was a family home with children coming in and out and always tidied up everyday without leaving any mess in their wake.

They kept me informed as to progress as well as the complicating factor that my neighbour also had an water leak issue from the same main pipe.

They took it upon themselves to have a quiet word and gave him advice, which he followed. And even more impressive, they set about solving the problem at no extra cost and still managed to bring the job in on time and budget.

It doesn’t get any better than this and I’m delighted with the work that Greenserve carried out without any fuss or complaint.

I only wish all my interactions with tradespeople could be this positive.

So really well done Greenserve – and I will tell the world that you don’t have to be a big multi-national company in order to deliver world-class customer service.


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