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Amazon in full frontal attack on traditional retailers with “anticipatory shopping” play

Amazon and King KongThe Seattle-based company successfully obtained a US patent on Christmas Eve 2013 for what it calls “anticipatory shipping”. This was the gist of the news item that appeared in the Wall Street Journal (17 January 2014) that’s caused something of a stir on social networks, such as SlashdotAccording to the WSJ, Amazon in the US may box and ship products that it expects customers in a specific area will want based on previous orders, product searches, wish lists, shopping cart contents, returns and other online shopping practices it gleans from its customers’ shopping patterns, even before they’ve clicked ‘buy’.

Amazon has worked out how to cut delivery time...

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The problem of a negative perception is that it often sticks

HeadacheTwenty-four million account holders of the Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest and Ulster Bank (RBS) who tried to complete everyday transactions like paying for groceries at the check-out got a nasty surprise in the UK earlier this week.

Their credit and debit cards were rejected as a result of a technology glitch.

The error is understood to have occurred after a software update froze part of the banks’ computer systems and although this had been fixed, it created a backlog of more than 100 million transactions that were not paid in or out of bank accounts as they should’ve been...

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My personal case study in world-class customer service delivered by local company Greenserve

As the author of a best-selling series of sales and marketing books published by Kogan Page in the UK, USA and India you’d expect me to have high expectations from those that I’m willing to employ to deliver products and services. And of course you’d be right!

Unfortunately the majority of tradespeople I come across don’t pay enough attention to the little things, for example, in how they do their business by answering messages when left and generally interacting with the customer.

A common mistake often made by small businesses is to overlook the customer experience which can be just as important as fixing a broken pipe or rewiring a broken fuse box.

GreenserveSo I’m absolutel...

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