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9780415637893Improving the Performance of Sponsorship written by British sponsorship award winning author and consultant Ardi Kolah is published globally on 29 June by Routledge.

Kolah is a senior lecturer on sponsorship at Cass Business School, Henley Business School, Kingston Business School and London Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law.

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The book takes a timely and comprehensive look at all types of sponsorship – from sports, entertainment, music, media, charitable, education and environment – examining everything from its mechanics to ethical and legal issues as well as measurement and evaluation.

Where there has been a very public break down in the trust accorded to major organisations – such FIFA, the world governing body for football – the issue of ethics has become an important hygiene factor for brand owners that spend millions on sponsorship rights, observes Kolah:

“The process starts from understanding the objectives as to why global brands such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Visa get involved in sponsorship in the first place. And it’s because these brands – which can be toxic in their own right – are seeking some sort of ‘halo effect’ that a major global event like the FIFA World Cup can deliver.

“Clearly global brands don’t want to be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons and the bribery and corruption allegations surrounding FIFA and investigated by the FBI and the Swiss Authorities take the shine off such a relationship.

“The publication of the internal report by New York Attorney Michael Garcia that was suppressed by Blatter must now be published in full in order to start to re-build FIFA on the principles of openness, transparency and honesty – something that’s been missing under the previous regime,” says Kolah.

Contents of Improving the Performance of Sponsorship:

Introduction 1. Re-wiring our Thinking on Sponsorship 2. The Business of Sponsorship 3. The Process of Selecting a Sponsorship Property 4. Process of Selling a Sponsorship Property 5. Creativity in Sponsorship 6. The Ethical Issues in Sponsorship 7. Legal Principles of Sponsorship 8. Ambush Marketing 9. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorship 10. Measurement and Evaluation of Sponsorship

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