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Modi’s 10-point plan for getting India back on track

indiaTrain_1520295cThe new Indian PM Narendra Modi has outlined his 10-point vision for the Council of Ministers to follow and this offers a glimpse into his policy priorities that include energizing the economy, kick-starting infrastructure projects and reviving confidence in the creaking bureaucracy of Government.

Modi wants all Ministers to have their own time-table on the priorities in each ministry for the first 100 days.

His 10 priorities are:

  1. Focus on economy and infrastructure ministries
  2. Better inter-ministerial coordination
  3. Restore the confidence of bureaucrats that they won’t be hauled up later for taking crucial decisions.
  4. Use of technology and social media to maximize public inte...
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European retailers to open multi-retail and branded shopping stores in next 24 months as Indian Government relaxes FDI rules

Indian marketIndian consumers could soon be shopping in hypermarkets partly owned and managed by Western retailers as a result of the relaxation in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulations see a surge of business interest and investment from European brand owners in 2014.

For example, it’s just been announced that British supermarket chain Tesco is the first international retailer to have its plan to invest USD 10m (GBP 67m) approved by India’s Commerce and Trade Ministry. The deal paves the way for Tesco in partnership with a Tata subsidiary to open multi-brand stores across India by taking a 50% stake in Trent Hypermarkets, which in turn operates Star Bazaar stores in the sta...

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