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A landmark moment for European data protection in our lifetime


Foreword by Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP

We are witnessing history in the making.

On the 25 May 2018 the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force across all 28 Member States. The GDPR introduces new accountability obligations, stronger Data Subject rights to protect our digital existence and ongoing restrictions on international personal data flows.

The new framework is ambitious, complex, rigorous and workable if you’re prepared to shift the way you do business now in the world’s biggest digital single market.

The GDPR is a ‘risk based’ approach to data protection and privacy, requiring organisations and accountable individuals to demonstrate and verify ...

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Interview about best practice in marketing and public relations

20140717_084007This is a filmed interview I gave last week to the GTC Group, a leading training and coaching organisation that works with senior executives from emerging and developing countries around the world. In this interview I answer questions about global best practice in marketing and PR, the art of effective audience segmentation as well as how communication professionals can improve the outcomes from their marketing and PR activities. Running time: 15 minutes


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House of Illustration to open its doors in 2014 as the UK’s first museum dedicated to celebrating illustration in all its forms

House of IllustrationThe House of Illustration, a national arts charity of which I’m a Trustee, will soon open its doors to the public later this year.

The charity was founded and supported by Sir Quentin Blake and focuses on graphic illustration in all its forms with the aim to reach as wide an audience as possible through exhibitions, events and national programmes.

Our new location will be at 2 Granary Square in the heart of London’s King’s Cross.

The building in this picture was designed by Lewis Cubitt (1799-1883) in 1850 who was also the architect of the fabulous King’s Cross Station that was built in 1851-2...

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Ardi Kolah speaks at ICCO Summit on how international agencies can generate incremental new business in the wake of London 2012

Venue-for-ICCO-SummitLeading PR and sports marketing expert Ardi Kolah discusses the findings of his unique global report that identified opportunities for sports marketing and consultancy services to 2022 at the forthcoming ICCO Summit in Paris on 10-11 October 2013.

Kolah recently advised the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) in the wake of the phenomenal success of London 2012 Olympic Games and his recommendations have influenced the British Government’s growth strategy for business and professional services.

Kolah’s briefing for ICCO Members includes:

  1. identifying the new business opportunities;
  2. explaining the timescales and bidding processes;
  3. reporting/estimating the budg...
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Ardi Kolah elected to PRCA Council to represent interests of the PR industry in the UK

Ardi-fullGlobal public relations, marketing practitioner and best-selling management author Ardi Kolah has been elected to serve as a member of the PRCA Council 2013-14.

The PRCA represents PR consultancies, in-house communications teams, PR freelancers and individuals. With over 300 agency members from around the world, including the majority of the top 150 UK consultancies and over 100 in-house communications teams from multi-nationals, UK charities and leading UK public sector organisations. It is the largest professional body of its kind in the UK.

More than 900 PRCA members participated in the voting process.

Ardi Kolah said: “It’s a real privilege to join the PRCA Council at a t...

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Latest best practice on how to stay legal when using social marketing

Social marketing White PaperNo matter whether you work agency or client-side, each day or week brings new challenges in how you engage with customers, clients, supporters, members and volunteers.

In the past, social media was used as just another channel for publishing content that would engage with each of these audiences. But today, doing that alone just isn’t enough. To maximise the success of social marketing you need to become adept at integrating social media into your existing marketing programmes and strategies. In fact, you have to do more than social media. You have to do social marketing!

This FREE Vocus White Paper explores how to add social to every marketing activity in order to amplify ...

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The “Third Wave of Marketing” has arrived!

popeye5The over 50s currently account for 80% of the wealth of the UK – some £300 billion and spending by households including someone over the age of 65 is £109 billion. These figures will only get bigger as the shift towards an ageing population gathers pace.

Today there are 10.3m people in the UK aged over 65, by 2020 that figure will be 12.5m and on current projections that will have increased to 16m by 2030.

Within that group, older segments are the fastest growing and by 2050 it is estimated that there will be more than a quarter of a million centenarians in the UK.

But this growth isn’t confined to the UK.

For example, in the US, the number of people over 50 will have t...

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US-based James Bruno, SVP International at cloud computing giant Vocus shares his thoughts about the future of marketing

AK: What marketing trends have you seen on both sides of the Atlantic?

JB: If you’d asked me this question 25 years ago when I was working in the UK in the pharmaceutical industry, I would’ve said there was a distinct cultural approach to how we marketed products in the US versus the UK.

Fast forward 25 years and it’s amazing to see the cultural divide has basically evaporated which I would attribute to globalisation of the economy and I don’t think you can avoid the impact of the internet has had on markets and competition.

I think it’s interesting to note that the changes in marketing we’ve witnessed over the last five years have trumped the changes that have taken...

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The power of color in marketing

Ardi-with-Edward-de-BonoA few years’ ago I had the privilege to work with one of my heroes, Dr Edward de Bono, the grandfather of lateral thinking, in helping to launch his book, Think! Before It’s too Late.

The book launch was unlike others in that we decided that Edward de Bono should host a lunch for a cross-section of some remarkable people from all walks of life at the River Terrace at the House of Lords.

Edward de Bono conceived of a way in which we can solve problems by ‘wearing’ different coloured hats that had the power to break the habit of linear thinking or critical analysis that we tend to default to as a result of our narrowly constructed education experience in the West.


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Let the battle commence for this year’s hotly contested PRCA Awards 2013!

ArdiThis year’s PRCA Awards 2013 looks like being a record year for entries and I’m absolutely delighted to be involved in assessing the quality of the work of some of the best and brightest PR agencies in the world and I expect the standard of entries to be even higher this year.

The two categories that I’ve been asked to judge are International Consultancy of the Year (UK) 2013 and Large Consultancy of the Year 2013.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity for those of us who’ve been in the industry for some time to recognise the brilliant work of those who are the next generation of leaders for the industry in the future.

I’m very honoured to be joining a high powered group of...

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